Top 10 Worst Tattoo Coverups People Definitely Regret

Tattoos and regrets are not a new combination. When he gets new ink, he’s excited about it, he wants to show it off. But what if your body art didn’t turn out the way you planned? Maybe the idea you had in your head did not match what your tattoo artist had in mind. Or maybe that design seemed like a great idea at the time, but it didn’t age well. Tattoos are permanent, so there’s not much you can do about it… is there?

In all the regret, confusion, and anger of a bad tattoo, cover-ups have always offered relief. While these can be more satisfying than removing it and dealing with the scars, sometimes the cover-ups have been worse than the tattoos. Here are the 10 worst cover-ups where the results could have been better.

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10 put some hair on his chest

Gorilla tattoos like this one can be cool. But not all cover-ups are so lucky. This was the case of this man who had his tattooed bride face in the upper part of his arm. But when things got bad, he wasn’t exactly interested in staring at his ex’s face all day.

To cover up that (badly done) tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, he decided to replace it with a tattooed gorilla. And if we’re being honest, the cover-up wasn’t that great. Let’s just say Jane Goodall wouldn’t have loved it. The man paid more money and received much more ink than he probably would have liked.

9 A big cover up

Anyone who actively follows American pop music and knows Ariana Grande is aware of the musician’s controversial relationship with Pete Davidson. It wasn’t the best, but somehow they managed to make it work for quite some time.

When the two were deeply in love, Davidson got a tattoo of Ariana’s name. Sweet, right? But, like most Hollywood relationships, things didn’t go as planned. After the couple split in October 2018, Davidson wanted to erase her name from her record, literally. She soon covered her name with the word “damn”. It’s not clear what exactly Davidson was referring to, but we have a general idea. Thanks, next!

8 The devil is in the details

Okay, can we stop tattooing other people’s faces on our bodies? One way or another, it rarely ends well. This person had his girlfriend’s. face tattooed on his arm (here we go again). And while the original inked portrait wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t really attractive either. It looks like a puppet that Jeff Dunham would have in his act.

So when the owner of the ink was ready to move on, they decided to cover this beauty. And it only got worse from there. The tattoo artist turned her face into a demon, complete with horns, a red face, and sharp teeth. Everything that could have gone wrong with this tattoo did go wrong. The cover-up is worse than the original. I guess if you want to see people at their lowest, watch them after a break up.

7 ink happens

It seems that broken hearts are the ones who regret body art the most. In an attempt to cover up their “bad decisions,” couples end up making the problem worse. This was the case for this internet user who summed up their breakup with a photo online, explaining that “shit happens.” Olivia is a name that obviously meant something to them, but it seems the magic is gone now.

It’s okay to regret a decision. But what matters is how you handle the situation in the future. This user crossed out Olivia’s name, but she was still quite visible. Instead of a creative new design, they will have to live with horrible breakup memories for the rest of their lives.

6 Tramp Seal Cover-Ups

Who Edwin In other words, he managed to “cover” himself with ink and expose himself on the Internet in record time. In this image shared by an anonymous user, the first slide shows that they were head over heels in love to the point of smearing their partner’s name. The name “Edwin” was engraved between two stars on what appears to be the lower back.

On the second slide, we can see more stars with a heavily inked “X” where the name “Edwin” used to be. In addition to being located just above the buttocks, the initial tattoo looked much better than the cover-up. But we get it, the name had to go.

In addition to increasing the number of stars, this tattoo cover-up is regrettable in every sense of the word. But as they say, “X marks the spot.”

5 And they called him Bunny Love

If there’s one thing Pete Davidson likes, it’s getting and covering up tattoos. His difficult relationship with Ariana Grande was the most “challenging” artistically, as he had to update her ink several times.

Davidson originally had a “bunny ears” tattoo behind his ear that mimicked the symbol on Grande’s album cover. Dangerous woman. But near the time of her break up, she traded the bunny ears for a heart. You might think it was a sign that she was cutting ties with the singer, but she also had the letter “A” tattooed next to her heart (supposedly for Ariana, she’s also rumored to have a heart tattoo).

But honestly, the real crime here is the heart shape itself. It looks original, more like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon than a symbol of love. And as for Pete and Ariana? That’s all folks.

4 Hyundai: new tattoos, new possibilities

As we’ve seen, breakup tattoo cover-ups are a terrible idea. But getting tattoos of things we love is much safer… right? This anonymous internet user was so in love with his hyundai that the official logo of the brand was tattooed on his arm. The original tattoo wasn’t exactly attractive, but anyone with half a brain about cars could tell what it meant.

When the owner of the tattoo got tired, he decided to cover the original with something else. But it didn’t turn out so well. Thanks to the awkward shape of the Hyundai logo, the cover-up tattoo ended up as a weird blemish that only the owner could decipher (we hope). We don’t know what happened between the subject and Hyundai, but whatever it was, we doubt it was bad enough to warrant such a lousy cover-up.

3 nas against the lion

Hip hop stars Nas and Kelis were probably the most famous couple in the genre between 2002 and 2009. Their shakes definitely took it to the backyard, and the bond was so strong that Nas got Kelis’s tattoo on his forearm. But after their wedding in 2005, the marriage ended on a rocky road. Nas was accused of infidelity in 2008 and they both decided that their love life needed a break from the public.

Just before the couple’s first child was born in 2009, Kelis filed for divorce. In response, Nas covered up Kelis’s tattoo. Instead of editing the entire image, Nas just replaced her head with a lion, leaving her torso as it was.

In the end, Nas tattooed the body of a woman with the head of a lion. Frankly, it seems like something out of american horror story. But maybe she wanted a tattoo that she regretted as much as the way their relationship ended.

2 Skinny to Scum: Johnny Depp’s Ink Nightmare

Most of the world stood by Johnny Depp in his recent court case (which he won, by the way). But his story with tattoos has not been the best. Famous for the “Winona Forever” tattoo, the renowned actor had the word “Slim” tattooed on his knuckles to represent his then-wife, Amber Heard.

However, after their bitter divorce, Depp changed the word to “scum.” Now the celeb has plenty of tattoos on her body, most of which have required cover-up services at some point. But we doubt most of them are as sorry as the one she got with her ex-wife’s name on it.

The cover-up itself is not bad. But we all know that if it were up to him, he would want that part of his life to go away completely.

1 Back together: Big Sean’s tattoo

Jhene Aiko is an American musician who made a name for herself with her unique voice. She is even more popular due to her on-off romantic relationship with Big Sean. Shortly after they released her album. twenty88 In 2016, Jhene got Big Sean’s face tattooed on her arm. But it wasn’t long before fans realized that she had covered the initial ink with a monstrous dragon. It was later discovered that the two had broken up. Jhene also followed up with a cryptic tweet that has since been deleted.

While the cover-up tattoo is cool, Jhene later reconciled with Big Sean and they even had a child together. We can only imagine how strange it is for her. First she was in love, then not and now she is again. But she might think twice before getting her face tattooed on her arm again.

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