10 Horror Video Games You Won’t Want to Play in the Dark

Unlike world RPGs and sports games, horror video games have less fans, and understandably so! In a world where everything moves fast, the last thing you want is to be scared by a video game. However, if you are a brave soul who likes to explore, some great horror games can keep you up all night.

Halloween may have come and gone, but regardless of how much you miss it, there are horror video games out there that aren’t worth playing alone, at least not for the faint of heart. From the ones with terrifying mental images to the ones with jumps so sudden as to cause a heart attack, here is a list of the 10 best horror games you shouldn’t play in the dark:

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10 survive 2

survive 2 it is a sequel to the original Survive Horror video game released in 2013. It is available for players on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game links you to events run by Sullivan Knoth and his followers. just like the original Survive it is played in first person survive 2 seeks to make the experience more complicated and terrifying.

The game requires you to take on the role of a journalist who survives a helicopter crash and lands in rural Arizona. Along with his wife, Lynn, he is expected to investigate and uncover stories that no other journalist is willing to touch. There is no combat or self-defense mode; you can only run and hide while trying to put the puzzle together. The darkness in this Arizona desert runs deep, but no one is willing to shed light on it. The level of corruption is very high, but you are expected to crack it.

survive 2 It may start out a bit slower, but don’t be fooled; It’s not only scary but also requires someone with a well-functioning heart and stomach.

9 the madness of death

the madness of death is a short but horrible video game that only a select few can play. While the game is only 30 minutes to an hour long, you’re guaranteed excellent gameplay, an immersive experience, and outrageous psychological horror. The game follows the adventures of a man whose wife has passed away after a tragic accident.

From turning surly and choosing to stay away from everyone, the man is only obsessed with ancient stories that entertain the idea of ​​raising the dead. After fifteen days, her sister receives a letter encouraging her to visit her brother. However, the story turns terrifying when she doesn’t find him. Instead, she finds an old box with symbols she can’t comprehend. In a different scenario, the man picks up a stone that plunges him into a nightmare from which he can’t seem to escape.

The game has a player discretion warning; to be honest, you better pay attention to it, especially if you are easily provoked.

8 Until sunrise

From survival to action adventure, Until sunrise, an RPG, has a bit of everything. The game features eight teenagers who cannot get out of the mountain and only have one cabin to keep them safe. They are surrounded by fear and the tension builds, but they must pull through or die.

Until sunrise allows you to assume the role of any of the eight characters and be a part of the terrifying adventure. You will be the only one who will make the decisions, each one with its consequences; Either you will keep your team alive or you will die together. The branched wefts guarantee the butterfly effect. Separate the weak from the strong-minded. Its dynamism and unpredictability, along with the appearance of TV stars like Hayden Panettiere, make the game well worth exploring, especially for fans of horror (but not in the dark).

Initially made for PS3, you can play Until sunrise on PS4, and was recently remade for PC and desktop.

7 The last of us

The irony of this horror video game is that it has won over 200 Game of the Year awards, and yet it is haunting. It’s one that, if you play, you’ll go to bed thinking about the actions of the characters and their events. The game features the characters Joel and Ellie, who have to survive together in a hostile environment following a pandemic. They must work together to survive in what is left of their country.

The last of us it’s super violent; you have to fight with the enemies and shoot them where needed. Some scenes involve torture and there are many animal deaths. While the game isn’t blatantly scary, it’s one you shouldn’t play if you’re on solid grounds, and it’s not meant to be played in the dark!

The game is available for PC and consoles, with the latest remake compatible with the next generation of PS5.

6 murder house

If you are afraid of haunted house stories, murder house is a video game to avoid! It is a classic 5th generation survival horror game which is based on tank controls. When a news crew discovers an abandoned old house, they go in to cover their story. To their surprise, the house they just entered is haunted and now they are trapped. The old building belongs to an executed serial killer, Antony Smith, who is not ready to rest in peace.

Being a retro game, murder house It doesn’t have auto saves. Players rely on limited pencils to save their progress, which is mainly developed for PS1 console gamers. If you are curious to find out who survives and who doesn’t, you should be prepared for a night full of terror. Just keep the lights on.

5 dead by daylight

dead by daylight It is a horror video game complete with gore, violence, blood, and adult content. It is a multiplayer (4 vs 1) game where one player assumes the role of a savage serial killer while the rest try to escape and survive. The advantage of Survivors is that they play in the third person, which makes it easier to learn and become aware of your surroundings. On the other hand, the killer moves in the first person and must try to find victims.

The game allows survivors to collaborate and escape or be selfish and die alone. This, along with deadly assassins and the constant fear of the unknown, makes dead by daylight very scary. The atmosphere, the chilling environments and the carefully selected music top off the already brilliant horror game.

This game is available for PC and console players. Although it is multiplayer, playing it in the dark can be a terrible idea. Careful!

4 amnesia the dark descent

amnesia the dark descent is a horror video game developed in the late 2000s by Frictional Gamers. It became popular and unplayable for most people due to its unique focus on psychological terror and puzzle solving. To make matters worse, the game does not have any form of combat, so the characters must survive by other means.

Also, most people think of jump scares as the worst form of horror; the dark descent He doesn’t use this technique, but it’s just as terrifying. Instead, the game focuses on disturbing you by making you feel powerless in a downright tragic environment.

The story of the game follows a man (Daniel) who fights against his demons and the monsters that invade his world. He suffers from amnesia and finds himself in a dark house with only a lamp to help him navigate. With these details, are you sure you want to join Daniel in the dark while your surroundings are not illuminated?

3 the evil within

Developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks, the evil within is a survival horror video game that very few gamers can play. Thanks to his fabulous creature design, he is as scary as can be.

Inspired by Silent Hill and resident Evil, the evil within thrives on jump-scare characters. Players have to find things that help them survive in different chapters. The more you excel, the better your chances of finding “safe havens” and upgrading your weapons.

the evil within is available for PC and console gamers. However, the nature of the game and the sequence of the chapters require a strong heart and a perfectly conditioned stomach, as it can get scary and messy at every turn. Definitely not recommended for dark games!

2 Remothered: Tormented Parents

The fact that Remothered: Tormented Parents it is very realistic makes it scary to play. It is a survival horror video game that is based on psychology. Since it’s full of villains and heroes, it’s hard to tell the line between good and evil. Its plot overflows with almost unwarranted twists to create tension and anxiety.

The game’s story features Rosemary Reed, a middle-aged woman who goes to Richard Felton’s residence to investigate a crime. First, Rosemary receives a warm welcome from Gloria, a woman hired to look after Richard. However, everything gets worse after realizing her true intentions; Now it’s more about surviving than finding the truth. There are many ways to survive in the game; You have to be psychologically prepared.

The game’s cutscenes, high-quality audio, and well-composed soundtrack make it very scary. It is available for PC and console games played during the day (on a lighter but serious note).

1 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

resident Evil it’s like the mother of all horror video games; it is impossible to discuss this category without mentioning it. Although there are equally good earlier versions of resident Evil, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has conquered the world. Released in 2017, the game has been at the top of the charts for about five years. Not make mistakes; This version is horrible!

The single player game takes its setting in modern rural America. It incorporates everything players have enjoyed in previous releases and more. It is purely about survival; only the most resourceful and brave survive. Players attest that the atmosphere of this game is the strongest they have ever encountered. The long and short of this is, play resident evil 7 at your own risk, and don’t even try it in the dark!

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