10 Bizarre Video Game Character Transformations

Our minds are trained to accept changes in our favorite franchises. This is a welcome development because the gaming world is constantly changing. As games evolve in terms of graphics, we gladly accept refined versions; after all, we ask for them. What catches us off guard, though, is when video game characters get a complete makeover that alters their appearance in ways we didn’t expect.

When this happens, we are surprised and find it strange. These video game character transformations almost transformed us too from shock. These are ten weird video game character transformations you may not be aware of.

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10 Inside: The boy joins the group

in the video game Inside, the protagonist is a young man with short black hair. He wears a long-sleeved red shirt and black pants, with socks and shoes, and you can make out the protagonist vividly for most of the game. The protagonist has a simple mission, which is to rescue the Huddle from captivity. The boy is able to gain access to the laboratory where the Huddle is being held captive. As soon as the boy sets eyes on the Huddle, he is sucked into it and becomes part of the Huddle.

What happens here is that in the process of merging with Huddle, the child becomes one and the same as Huddle. His appearance completely transforms from that of a young boy, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and black pants, to that of a large fleshy mass, which can in no way be referred to as human or animal. He can be better termed as a monster. The game ends with the Huddle breaking out of captivity. Definitely a strange transformation.[1]

9 Dead Space 2: Franco Delille

Franco Delille was an engineer who worked at the Titan Station. He is one of the first two humans we see in the opening scene of dead space 2. Franco was the protagonist of Dead Space: On (dead space 1); we saw him survive through thick and thin to get to the hospital and wake up Isaac Clarke in the sequel. Franco is with Isaac Clarke with his back to the wall, trying to get him to his feet, so Franco doesn’t notice a Necromorph infector sneaking up behind him until he attacks him.

The next moment, Franco Delille transforms from human to a Necromorph Slasher. The handsome Franco is, before our eyes, transformed into a beast. Both of his arms are replaced with two blade-like protrusions of bone with vestigial limbs protruding from his body. Franco Delille not only loses his original appearance, but also loses his humanity when he starts attacking Isaac Clarke, whom he came to save. We find this transformation very strange, to put it in the simplest terms.[2]

8 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Guardian Monkey

The Guardian Ape is an interesting villain in the game. Sekiro: Shadows die twice. He resides deep in the Sunken Valley. All he does is protect the Palace Lotus from extinction, as the scent of the flower attracts the apes. When the player character approaches the guardian monkey to fight, many funny events unfold. The Guardian Ape attacks with farts, followed by a Dung Throw: an unusual way to meet a villain.

When the guardian monkey is finally killed, the strangest thing happens: it is resurrected and picks up its decapitated head. This is the most fun transformation you’ll find in a video game today. The Guardian Ape holds her severed head in one hand while he holds the sword he used to decapitate her in the other hand. Only a player with a brave heart can withstand the second phase of the fight because it’s rare to see a villain you’ve killed transform into a headless one to fight you again. The way the guardian monkey holds his severed head while he fights with the sword is something you won’t easily forget. [3]

7 Resident Evil 7: Evelina

Eveline is ordinarily a beautiful woman who was conceived as a biological weapon for the sole purpose of eliminating the enemy without fighting in the game. resident evil 7. Eveline was developed to take over the minds of the people who came in contact with her. While Eveline is amazing to behold, she takes her mind control abilities too far for her and Ethan decides to finish her off with an injection of E-Necrotoxin.

This injection causes her to transform into her true form as an old woman in a wheelchair. If you don’t have a hardened heart, this scene can be particularly excruciating to witness. The sight of a woman who was young and full of energy suddenly transforming into a vulnerable old woman is a bit dramatic, even more so when she begins to melt to the ground.[4]

6 Asura’s Wrath: Gongen Wyzen

Wyzen is a demigod in Asura’s Wrath. He is among the seven deities and the highest and greatest among them. During the battle with Asura, Wyzen transforms into a larger version of himself known as Vajra Wyzen. Despite the incredible size of him as a Vajra Wyzen, Asura manages to defeat him again. This time, however, we see the unthinkable: Vajra Wyzen transforms into Gongen Wyzen.

Gongen Wyzen is the ultimate villain you’d want to face in a video game. He is the equivalent of the size of the planet Gaea that the game takes place on, just imagine. So huge is Gongen Wyzen that it is impossible to fight him. Asura had to concentrate his efforts on a single finger during the battle due to his large size. Vajra Wyzen’s transformation into Gongen Wyzen produced what may be the biggest video game villain in video game history.[5]

5 Dam: Jen

Jen is the girlfriend of the protagonist of the video game. Prey. She is abducted by a flying combine harvester, and the protagonist, Tommy, spends the first half of the game trying to locate where Jen is being held hostage. Later, he finds Jen in an alien pod, but there’s a problem. Jen is no longer the beautiful girl you used to know. She has been transformed from human to a monster-like creature. Her upper body is that of a woman, while her lower body is that of an alien.

As soon as Tommy is within reach of his girlfriend, Jen’s alien lower body begins to attack Tommy, forcing him to fight to the death. When Tommy kills Jen’s lower body, the upper body is rendered useless. He also has to kill the top, which effectively ends Jen’s existence. This is an unfortunate end to another strange transformation.[6]

4 Final Fantasy X: Lady Yunalesca

Lady Yunalesca is a video game villain in Final Fantasy X. She usually has a humanoid appearance, but when she meets the player character, something unexpected happens. At the beginning of the fight with Lady Yunalesca, she retains her humanoid form. But when the protagonist defeats her for the first time, she transforms into a demonic character with tendrils emanating from her body and lifting her into the air. But this is not the worst of her transformation.

When the player character defeats Lady Yunalesca for the second time, another unexpected transformation takes place. She turns into a Medusa-like creature with a gigantic, grotesque face and snake hair. At this point, Lady Yunalesca is about a hundred times larger than her humanoid appearance. Another game with a really creepy transformation.[7]

3 Bioshock: Frank Fontaine

Frank Fontaine is an antagonist in the video game. bioshock. He is initially known to the protagonist as Atlas, the voice that guides the protagonist in the game, but it is all a fraud. Atlas is actually Frank Fontaine, who faked his own death, allowing him to hide in plain sight. Once this ruse is discovered, the protagonist faces him in the final villain fight, where the unexpected transformation occurs.

Frank Fontaine, realizing that a great battle is about to unfold, inflates himself with massive amounts of genetically altering ADAM, transforming him into a hulking, plasmid-wielding monster with extraordinary strength. Despite his new burly stature, Frank Fontaine isn’t done with transforming him. During the battle, he takes the form of fire. When this form is defeated, he takes the form of ice, and when this form is defeated, he takes the form of lightning. So much transformation for a villain.[8]

2 Castlevania: Dracula

In castlevania, Dracula was formerly a human crusader named Mathias Cronqvist. He is now fully human, with an outrageous and unusual style of clothing. At some point, Dracula decides to master alchemy and dark magic. He would have remained human, but because of his decision to fight God over the loss of his first wife. Soon after he loses his second wife, which makes him hate all of humanity. Dracula’s new evil emotions push him to the limit and transform him into a villain.

As a villain, Dracula is very formidable. When he releases the full force of him, he turns into a huge demon with the characteristics of a vampire. But this is not all he can do: he can transform into a wolf, a single bat or a swarm of bats. A man’s ability to transform into various creatures makes him a formidable opponent, as his transformations cannot go unnoticed.[9]

1 Batman: Arkham Asylum: Titan Joker

Typically, the Joker isn’t the most physically imposing villain you meet in video games. batman arkham asylum. However, when designing the game’s final boss battle, the game’s creators decided to get creative by having the Joker inject the Titan Formula, which transforms him into a large, monstrous version of himself: the Joker Titan. This monstrous version of the Joker comes with great strength and abilities. What we find a bit funny about the Joker Titan is that he is shirtless and wearing ripped pants. The Joker Titan is able to unleash a great deal of chaos on Gotham City, but in the end, Batman foils his plans and puts an end to his reign of terror.[10]

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